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About Us
Why Us
Our simple goal: To benefit customers all over the world especially engineer, school hobbyist and R&D company, not only on normal PCB but on high precise PCB with competitive price. With more than a decade developing, we started with simple PCB and now we have stable technology to build HDI and up to 30 layer PCB.

Factory Background

UnikPCB is a platform  based on a ShenZhen factory with UL and ISO certificated

Quality Assurance

At UnikPCB.com, every pcs PCB is tested including AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) and flying probe test. and test report could be provided if needed. You are surely to get well functional board. We can not distinguish PCB from its appearance. But with some professional test equipment, we can clearly see the quality of PCB. The most common, intuitive, and easiest way is Micro-section. From the micro-section, we can clearly see the thickness of each layer’s copper, the thickness of hole wall copper, the size of through hole diameter, the connection of blind holes, the height of burrs in the holes and other data, so as to judge the quality of PCB.Micro-section and thermal shock test sample for above 4 layer boards can be provided for our customer to better know our quality.
For customer who don’t need too much, we provide min 5pcs and 10pcs with special better price to help you to start your project. And even Free PCB provided.
Better Price
We provide cheaper price by reducing our spend through a cluster effect. We panelize amount of boards together to to reduce the cost for each board. Our online quote system does not include any hidden charge if you select the right specification. What’s the most we reduce the cost for high precise PCB too, such as 16 layers board, HDI board.
Remake or Refund
We are so confident with our quality that if our products have some quality problem, we will remake the boards urgently and freely. If it’s really our default and you don’t want to remake them, we will refund all the money directly to you. We hope to solve the problem to satisfy all our customer.
Quick turn around
Quick turn around is another our advantage. We can not only speed up 2 layer board to 24 hours but also we can speed up high precise PCB such as 10 layer board to 72 hours. And our on time delivery is reaching 99%. various courier choice is available, you could make your best choice considering the cost and delivery time.specification. What’s the most we reduce the cost for high precise PCB too, such as 16 layers board, HDI board.
24H online service
You can reach to us anytime when you need any support online. You can have an one on one service representative who could help you almost everything online(including release order, engineering consult, process follow.
One stop service
UnikPCB.com not only provide PCB fabricating but also offer Assembly service with competitive price. You can get Assembly price through online quote. For components sourcing please contact your sales rep.for more information. We try to make it easier for our customer to build a project.