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Quick turnaround
Quick turn service fro prototypes and mid volume production PCBs 

UnikPCB provides an integrated solution for high velocity printed circuit board manufacturing for customers worldwide, We are experts to supply quick-turn around service for prototypes to mid volume production when quick-turn support is required. UnikPCB has supported large volume customers worldwide with quick-turn around service. 

Quality comes first even for fastest producing

UnikPCB manufactures all PCB even smallest samples complying with IPC Class 2 by default to satisfy our customers getting a full functional PCB and durable PCB as designed, of course IPC Class 3 is available when needed. 
And we will not ignore final test (100% e-test, solderability test sample and micro section) to save time, we aim to be a quick turn specialist as well with high quality level. 

Highly automated equipment is the base of stable quick turn 

Unikpcb uses highly automated equipment to produce your circuit boards to save transit time and achieve faster delivery, to provide more stable quality management and reduce the possibility of human error meanwhile . Including automatic copper plating and DES line, LDI exposure machine and legend jet printer ect.

Quick turn Capabilities 
layers Fastest Lead time Standard Lead time
2-sided 24hours 3-4Wdays
4 Layers 48hours 5-6Wdays
6 Layers 48hours 7Wdays
8 Layers 72hours 8Wdays
10 Layers 72hours 10Wdays
10+ Layers 96-144hours 10-14Wdays
Note:If you have any other request about lead time please just tell us. And we also provide mass production with standard build time.