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PCB Capability
UnikPCB.com is a platform to provide professional PCB prototypes to mid volume production.
To let our customers better understand what we can do, we attached our capability below, if you have any requirement not included below, please kindly contact us at service@unikpcb.com or contact your one-on-one representative.

PCB Capability
Item Capability
PCB Layers 1-30 Layers
Base Material FR4,Aluminum,Polymide, Rogers,PTFE
Max.board size 500mm X1100mm
Copper Thickness 0.5-6 OZ
Layer to layer registration  ≤ 2mil
Min.Line Width/spacing 3/3mil
Min.annular ring 0.05mm
Mini drill size 0.15mm
Drilling accuracy ±2mil
Hole Aspect Ratio 10
Solder Mask Pitch 0.1mm
Plug via diameter 0.25mm--0.60mm
Peeable Mask Yes
Finished board thickness 0.2-5.0mm
thickness Tolerance ±10%
Outline Tolerance ±0.15mm
V-CUT Tolerance ±0.10mm
Surface Finish HASL,LF HAL,Immersion GoldENIG),Immersion silver/Tin,  Flash Gold,OSP,Carbon ink
Gold Finger 5u"-50u"
Impedance tolerance ±10%
Board bow/twist tolerance ≤0.7 %
Special Capability Burial/blind vias,via plug, BGA,High frequency,
HDI Board level 1 (1+n+1), level 2(2+n+2)
Test Flying probe test,E-testAOI test