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Legend Printing Machine
Another good equipment of UnikPCB is legend painting machine, its an replacement of traditional silkscreen machine. And it has much more advantages than traditional silkscreen machine.

Advantages of legend painting machine:

1. High precision: special precise guide motion module, servo control, multi-point positioning and expansion compensation technology are adopted.
2. High quality: high definition and strong adhesion.
3. High efficiency: high efficiency LED-UV ink curing system, short curing time, two-way printing technology to greatly improve production efficiency;
4. Humanization: Dual printing platform can be selected for different printing media, seamless connection with future green ink jet printing products.

Technical Specification:
precision  Location precision : ±35μm
Repeat precision: ±5μm
quality resolution : 
720dpi x360dpi 1440dpi x1440dpi 
Smallest line width : 75~100μm
(various with different SM oil)
Board size Max size  650mm x 610mm26"×24"
thickness: 0.1mm6mm4236mil