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LDI Exposure Machine
Min trace/Spacing of UnikPCB

Equipment based on:
LDI exposure machine, Vacuum etching machine.

 Here let’s introduce you LDI exposure machine. 
LDI (laser direct imaging) is a direct laser imaging technology. It is an exposure process in the process of printed circuit board. It is a new way to replace the contact exposure of negatives in small batch PCB production.
Laser imaging exposure machine LDI can be used to quickly complete exposure of rigid board, flex board,rigid-flex board, IC substrate inner layer, outer layer, and SM exposure.
The difference between LDI laser direct imaging technology and traditional exposure:
LDI uses laser scanning to directly transfer the image on PCB with higher accuracy, while traditional exposure transfers the image to the circuit board by mercury lamp irradiation.

Its main advantages lie in:

1. increase the yield of PCB production.
2. Subtract the film process in the exposure process, save the time and cost of loading and unloading the film, and reduce the deviation caused by the film expansion and shrinkage;
3. imaging CAM data directly on PCB and eliminating CAM production process.
4. the image resolution is high, which is suitable for the production of fine lines.

Traditional imaging principle flow: CAD/CAM: PCB design - > vector/grating transfer - > film for photogrammetric imaging - > film stabilization - > film inspection
- > Negative Development - > Negative Maintenance, Inspection - > Photoresist - > Ultraviolet Exposure - > Development - > Chemical Etching - > Removal of Resistant
Principle flow of LDI exposure machine: CAD/CAM: PCB design - > vector/grating transfer - > laser scanning imaging (LDI) - > development - > chemical etching - > removal of Resistant
From the view of imaging process, LDI saves 7 working procedures compared with traditional exposure machine, greatly saves production cycle and improves production efficiency.