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CNC V-CUT Machine
Advantages of CNC v-cut machine

1.Easy operation, high stability,one time setting to reduce human error.
2.Jump V-CUT is available
3.3 different remain depth is available on one V-CUT line.
4.Collision avoidance knife inside
5.Convenient installation
6.Lower failure rate, lower maintenance cost
Smallest width 50MM
Biggest width 700MM
Smallest length 110MM
Biggest length 700MM
Parallel precision ±0.05MM
Remain thickness precision ±0.05MM
Thickest board 3.2MM
Thinnest board 0.4MM
Min. Remain 0.1MM
What is Jump V-CUT?
Normally V-CUT trace is through, but for sometimes, we don’t need a through v-cut, for example below picture, we need the V-CUT trace to stop at somewhere of the board, it’s call V-CUT.
For some factory Jump V-CUT is special, because it need CNC v-cut machine to make it. Some factory don’t have this machine, so have to spend more cost to outsource.
UnikPCB has CNC v-cut machine to make it easy.