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About Us
About UnikPCB
UnikPCB.com is an online purchasing platform based on factory since 2007.With over a decade developing in PCB industry, we are engaging to meet most of the needs of our customers, and so comes out this platform which is aimed at improving the purchasing of LOW/MID volume for electronics buyers with quick turn, well functional and cost-effective boards.

Benefit from our individual prototype factory, our on time delivery rate is reaching 99%, with well experienced engineers, our customers can get instant inquiry or Customer Service support online. With advanced facility, Our can build high layer, high precise, HDI boards also with most effective price.

Our mission:
To make the purchasing easy for our customers. Provide instant communicate online, good quality products, quick turn around service, and competitive cost to our customers.

Quick turn
Layer Standard delivery time Fastest Delivery time
1/2 3-4wds 24Hours
4 5wds 48Hours
6 7wds 48Hours
8 8wds 72Hours
10 10wds 72Hours
10+ 10-14wds 96-144Hours
Good quality
UnikPCB control the quality from every process, start with UL certified base mater like KB, SY. And we have QC at every process to make sure all the specification right. Besides the controlling at every process, inspection is needed to check the quality of PCB is right as design including AOI (Automatic Optic Inspection) after etching, ET after milling and FQC. To help our customer better understand our quality, we also provide Micro-section for any volume above 4 layers.

Competitive cost
How can we have this competitive price?
UnikPCB.com panelize many prototypes on one panel to reduce the cost of each board, reduce the price of components and other electronic parts in small procurement through a cluster effect so that customers get better service in reducing procurement costs.