8 Layer Impedance PCB

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Impedance control tolerance of UnikPCB
Normally: +/-10%
What is Impedance?
In a circuit with resistors, inductors and capacitors, the impediment to the current in the circuit is called impedance.
The most common example of the control impedance component is the feeder that connects the wireless device or the TV receiving antenna. Antenna feeders are usually in the form of "flat double cables" (usually provided with VHF broadcast receivers) or coaxial cables with low attenuation. In any form, the impedance of the feeder is controlled by physical size and cable material.
Why need to control Impedance?
The receiving antenna has a natural or characteristic impedance. In order to make the antenna transmit the maximum power to the receiver (to ensure the integrity of the electronic signal), the impedance of the feeder and receiver should be matched with the antenna. In other words, during the transmission of the signal from its source to the target, the signal should be on a fixed impedance. If there is a mismatch, the signal will be partly sent, and the rest of the signal will be reflected back to the signal source (the signal is weakened).
Cable designers should therefore ensure the accuracy and consistency of cable length and material characteristics. For higher signal switching speeds, the electronic characteristics of the cable, such as capacitance and inductance, must be taken into account, and the cable should not be regarded as a simple wire. When designing the cable for high-speed signal, the cable should be considered as the transmission line when considering these factors.
Category of Impedance:
Characteristic Impedance
Differential Impedance
Common Mode Impedance
Odd Mode Impedance
Even Mode Impedance
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